idye Poly - cleanup issues?
  • Hello,
    I've been using idye poly for the first time and dying via stovetop like it was recommended. I was very careful to keep from spilling onto the counter and stovetop, however the vapors from the dye managed to stain my apartment's microwave, which was above my work area. I've tried to get the dye out with bleach, goo-gone, vinegar, dish soap, and a couple other cleaners, but the stains are still there. Does anyone have any recommendations for removing the stains? If it was a microwave that I owned it wouldn't be a huge deal, but since it technically belongs to the apartment complex I kinda need to remove the stains. Thanks in advance!
  • Hi there,

    This is a new one on me.
    I've got a note off to our chemists. I'll let you know what they have to say as soon as I hear.

  • I just finished dying a batch of articles with IDye poly. When I was transferring one article to the sink for rinsing, I didn't notice that the arm of one shirt was tangled to something I was keeping in the pot to return to the stove. When I was returning the pot to the stove, there was a big splash and down my white melamine cupboard doors dripped a large amount of the dye. Not a little splash, but big one that stained one door significantly and a couple of others as well, along with the fridge beside them. I wiped it right away and it was very apparent they were stained (black dye) badly.
    I then used one of those magic erasers which usually take out stains easily and the stain did not budge. I have melaleuca cleaning products (highly concentrated and which you mix with water, non toxic, many of which are made with tea tree oil) and I took out the full strength sol-u-mel (a powerful stain remover). It completely removed all the dye from the cupboards and they are as good as new! (I had imagined having to paint the cupboards and I also rent, so it would not have been a good situation!!)
    I am not sure if I can use a product name here, but for your sake and others, I wanted to provide this solution because it works like nothing else!
  • thank you for sharing this!