blockprinting on paper with Versatex inks
  • hello

    I have attempted to print versatex ink onto a block for printing on paper.
    However discovered some problems with inking.
    The ink doesn't seem to adhere well to a soft rubber brayer (roller) nor does it roll out well on glass inking sheet. Somehow it doesn't want to develop a tack so it can be spread in a nice thin even layer across my blocks.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so how did you overcome it?
    any comments & suggestions would be most appreciated

  • Hi,
    Sand the surface of the block and use a foam roller. You may wish to place a sheet of greeseproof paper (cookie sheets) on to the glass before rollering the ink out. If you are still having problems let me know.
  • thanks kindly for the tip Celia

    I did try using a 1" diameter by 4" long dense foam roller and it was successful
    for rolling out the ink: instead of glass I used a vinyl surface (an old binder cover) and first coated it with a fine spray of acrylic matte varnish (I let that dry first before applying the versatex ink). This held the ink nicely without any problem and allowed for a nice even coating of the sponge roller.

    I guess sometimes we have to put on our thinking caps to resolve problems.
  • Hi,
    Glad to hear you had success!