Washing Inkjet printed fabric?
  • Do I have to wash the Jacquard inkjet fabrics after printing for them to be permanent? The print loses sharpness and color when washing so I would prefer not to. Thanks
  • Hi, If the print is purely for decorative purposes then there is no need to wash it. Celia
  • What if the printed picture is on a t-shirt? The directions said "IF item is to be rinsed..."yada yada. So I didn't rinse it. And I have already put transfer on shirt. How should I wash it?
  • Hi,
    Let dry for 24 hours if item is to be washed. Hand wash with cool water and light soap.
  • Generally the recommended process for a 'washable' print is to print, peel off the paper back, let sit for 24 hours, rinse in cool water, lay flat to dry, then heat set with an iron on a setting suitable for the fabric.

    Essentially you have already heat set your piece by fusing, now you can hand wash the garment or machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water.

    The Inkjet fabric sheets are best for applications that will get only light use--they are not the best choice for something like soccer team shirts for example:)