Dying feathers to have different hues in Champagne colour?
  • Hi there I'm very new to acid dyes and I have some white goose feathers that I would like to dye, however I really wanted to make them champagne and have all the hues from white to champagne that I can create for a piece of work I'm doing. My questions are, in that case, which colours make up a deep champagne colour and how can i get different hues. Was thinking that if I either put them in for different amounts of time or put more water in and put them in fgor the same amount of time then the colour would take to the feathers slightly less each time until they are close to the white colour. Would this idea work...HELP!
  • Hi Jonny,

    First the easy part of your question: You are on the right track with the different hues - more dye (or less water) will give you deeper color. Increase the water to dye and you will get lighter hues.
    As for what color to use...that is a bit trickier. If I was breaking down my interpretation of champagne I'd call it a pinkish-ecru, with a hint of golden yellow. Given that I'd start with ecru as my base color and then fiddle the pink (or maybe even use the salmon) until I achieved the color I was after. That would require a bit of testing (keeping good track of quantities).
    hope this helps,
  • fantastic thanks for the advice...
  • you are most welcome!