Reusing Dye Bath
  • I just did the stove top and I'm wondering if I can save what's let, and if I can for how long? I used the citric acid not vinegar. Thank you.
  • Hi Lady,

    Can you tell me what type of dye you are using.

  • Hi, I'm using the acid powder Jacquard. I have to say, I dyed some vintage sheer nylon turquoise and I am beyond happy with the results :) I put it in the fridge last night.
  • Ok, awesome to hear you are so happy with your results.
    And, yes. You can save the Acid Dyes in liquid form. They will keep pretty much indefinitely - so long as they don't get any contaminants that might allow for mold growth. Storing the dye in a cool place is a good idea, too.
    You can continue to reuse the dye liquor so long as there is color left. Each successive dyeing will pull more of the dye from the liquor until you have a nearly clear liquor left. Once you've reached that state there is no dye left so then you can toss the remains down the sink.

  • Thank you so much :)
  • You are most welcome!
  • Does your answer apply to MX dyes, too?
  • Hi Blue,

    Sorry, no. The chemical reaction which allows the Procion MX to fix to fibers also 'spends' any excess dye.

  • Can you store unused dye? I mix a quart at a time in glass jars, then measure it out to other containers to blend colors and dye fiber. The remaining dye is uncontaminated.
  • Using pre-soak method, dying tencel yarns.
  • I wouldn't use Procion MX that has been stored more than 10 - 14 days after it has been mixed with water and count on perfect results. Once Procion MX has been mixed with water the chemical reaction that also allows the dye to fix to fabrics begins immediately. The reaction, when mixed with water alone, is fairly slow, but after several days there will be less dye available to react/fix with any fibers introduced.