Longevity of mixed dyes
  • Hi there- I am a High School Art teacher and I will be tie dyeing with about 160 kids this week. Aren't I lucky?? i have always mixed the dyes according to directions with Urea..etc...every morning before dying. It is exhausting to do this but I thought it was necessary. But can I just save the dyes from one day and use them the next? We do the soda Ash soak method. thanks for your help....Clare
  • Hi Clare,

    Thanks for writing in. Lucky you!
    If you are able to store your dyes in a cool place, mixing them and storing for several days will be fine. Generally we say the dyes will be fine for about 10 - 14 days, though I prefer to use mine within 3 - 4 days - simply because I know that as soon as the dyes are hydrolyzed (wetted) they begin to react and after 10 - 14 days will have essentially spent themselves in the container.
    I think you will, however, be just fine mixing the entire week's batch at the beginning of the week.

    hope this helps
  • And just for clarity's sake - we are talking about Procion MX dyes here.