Procedure Dilemmna
  • Hello!
    I hadn't done any batiking in years and started a huge piece a week is not quite like riding a bike! I made up my chemical water for procion H series dyes with urea and soda ash, then applied wax and dyed, repeat, repeat. I did not batch. Darn.
    I ironed out the wax and I'm a little panicked now...when I steam set it will everything turn to soup? What are my options...synthrapol, prayers and then steam set? Boil with an indecently bubbly amount of synthrapol? Advice is sorely needed. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!
  • Hi Amelia,

    The first thing you are going to want to do is the steam set. If you try to boil or wash the colors are going to run. Because you are using the Procion H dyes, rather than the Procion MX dye you do have to steam set rather than batch set. Batching will not sufficiently set the Procion H dyes.
    Steam set first and all will be just fine.

  • Thanks Annette! Giving it a go as we speak-for better or worse, I feel better moving forward on sage advice! Thanks again. -Amelia
  • You are most welcome!