dyeing 100% polyester canvas pram fabric
  • Hello. I recently purchased a second-hand pram/stroller that is in great condition. However, it has quite significant fabric fading on parts of it, especially the pram canopy. It's original colour was black and some parts have faded to a more burgundy or grey colour. What I would like to do it re-dye it back to a deep back to make it look newer. The fabric is 100% polyester 'canvas'. Is it possible to achieve this? What dye and methods would I need to use?
    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for writing in. We would recommend the iDye Poly dyes for this. You'll want to use the stove top method. More info here: http://jacquardproducts.com/assets/jacquard-site/product-pages/dyes/idye/iDye Poly Instructions.pdf

  • Hello, I too have a stroller made out of canvas like material that I'd like to dye solid black. My concern is that there are several different colors in patches; navy blue with some fading, grey & white. Also the stroller fabrics have logo embroidering, giant warning lables fixed & the sun canopy has a clear plastic peek-a-boo window. I have an older Bob Jogging Stroller if you're familiar at all, there is rust on the medal rings attached to the seat. Can rust affect the dying process? Do you think it would be a bad idea to try and dye the fabrics all black? Or do you have any other suggestions that I should look into? Thank you!
  • Hi Kat,

    For this situation, especially as it sounds as if you don't plan to remove the fabric from the frame, I'd recommend using a fabric paint.
    My first choice would be either the Dye-Na-Flow or the Textile Paints. Both have very little hand (feel on the fabric). The Textile has a bit more hand but will give your more opaque coverage. The Dye-Na-Flow has almost no hand at all but is transparent like a dye so may not give you an even finish.
    hope this helps
  • Hi, I just successfully dyed my pram. I could remove the canopy from the pram frame however the material is still attached to the aluminium arch. Similar situation with the seat. I can remove the seat but I could not remove the metallic frame inside the seat. This means I could not use the dye according to the instruction - I could not boil it. So what I did is: i added boiling water in a huge rubber bucket then I dissolve the dye and the colour intensifier and then soaked my canopy and pram seats for 1h and 20min. it worked! My pram now looks like new. I decided to share this that you do not necessary need to boil to dye to get your pram dyed ;))