65 Polyester 35 Cotton in Washing Machine
  • I have a pair of light camel-coloured "Sta-Prest" trousers that I want to dye light silver-grey. They are 65% poly and 35% cotton. I plan to use iDye Colour Remover in front loader washing machine at 90 degrees C. I will then follow this with iDye Natural 430 (silver grey) plus iDye Poly 462 (silver grey) plus the Poly Colour Intensifier and run at 90 again in front loader. That's the plan anyway! Was wondering if this would yield a decent coverage? My concern would be if the stitching (which I'm assuming is polyester) remains camel-coloured and doesn't go at least grey-ish. Also a bit worried if the trousers would survice all that boiling if I used the stovetop method. Would BLACK iDye Poly be better to give grey result? Any advice gratefully accepted
  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for writing in. 90 degrees C is going to really push the effectiveness of both the Color Remover & the Idye Poly.
    At the very least I would use the stove top method for the Color Remover - that will ensure that you are starting with a 'blank slate'.
    Because you are working with a fiber that is a blend you will probably be able to get away with the 90 degrees C for the dyeing.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Annette

    Many thanks for your advice. I will follow what you've suggested. Do you think the grey iDye (natural) plus grey iDye Poly will be OK or would black poly dye be better?

  • Because you said you were shooting for a light grey I'd stick with the greys. It is much easier to overdye than it is to remove dye and start over.