Crimson Acid Dye....Comes out Pink?
  • Hi there,

    I'm using your acid dyes to dye feathers. All the colours seem to work for me.....expect crimson always comes out pink! The feathers I'm dyeing are white ostrich feathers.

    Do you know of anything I can do to ensure the colour dries darker? Could I mix in another acid dye colour perhaps? Or, would using more of the dye help? I'm following all the instructions on the pots. :)

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Gary,

    Thanks for writing in.
    I do know that some of the Acid Dyes require higher heat to achieve deeper colors. Is this perhaps the issue? Are you bringing the dye bath to a boil?
    The other possibility is that this is simply not a dye that has an affinity to the feathers. Some dyes have greater affinity to particular fibers than others.
    hope this helps
  • Thanks very much Annette. I'll keep plugging away at the dyeing to see how it works out. I'll test a feather on a higher temperature to see whether it damages. Thanks again.
  • Most welcome!