Removing Bled Red Dye from Silk
  • Hello again! I come with one more question.

    I admit I'm a bit at a loss when it comes to spot-cleaning bled red dye from the white silk lining of a kimono. (Photo here: I've already partially unpicked the lining seam at the center of the stain, so I can get behind the lining and protect the outer silk from the stain removal process. So I suppose I was wondering if there is any way to spot-clean to remove dye. In an absolute pinch I could remove the two lining panels to soak, but it's a difficult and tedious process that would probably involve also removing other lining panels.

    The dye I used on the underkimono worn underneath that bled (which should be safely have its dye fixed with steam and dye fixative for good measure very soon) is the Cherry Red Jacquard Acid Dye.

    It's alright too if it turns out that part of the lining will never be completely white again, my primary concern is preventing that dye from bleeding onto anything it touches in the future, especially the outer purple silk.

    Thank you again for your time! Thankfully this is my only other problem.
  • Hi Sui,

    When I look at the photo I can't quite tell if the seam which the stain crosses is connected to the outer kimono, but if it is not connected, if you can pull the white area away from the purple and isolate it you could simply rinse the stained spot to remove the excess dye. Using a little Synthropol will help with with.
    Alternatively you could dip the stained area into a pot of color remover ( which should remove most of the red dye. Cherry Red is only moderately dischargable/removable so there might still be a bit of color left after this process, but this too would remove the excess dye.
    I'd go with the wash/rinse first to see if that works.

    good luck (and don't think twice about checking in for help! we love helping!)
  • Thank you so much for the quick response!

    Yes, the lining thankfully can easily be pulled away from the purple fabric (the seam is the only part attached to the outer kimono in that area, so when I took some stitching out it was easy enough to isolate), so I'll go ahead and rinse it with a little Synthrapol.

    Thank you again for all the help!
  • Hello again!

    Since the Synthrapol didn't seem to do a whole lot, I ordered the color remover and it just got here Monday. However, I'm a bit confused because the instructions on the website have changed and don't match with what's on the bottle (which I know was on the website before, as recently as a couple weeks ago). The bottle says for cotton and wool (I also have to remove bled dye from the cotton portion of a kimono slip, which is made up of cotton for the top and polyester for the skirt), that maintaining the water at 120F degrees is sufficient, while the website now just says heat to 185F without any specific mention of fabric. The temperature for silk also isn't mentioned at all in either set of directions.

    The bottle also doesn't mention at all how much to use, so is the website's instructions of "Use 3-5% by weight of fabric" correct?

    Thank you again for your time!
  • Hi Sui,

    Sorry for the confusion - you will want to use the instructions on the web site. The higher temperature will give you much more effective results. Use the same instructions for your silk piece as those given for wool & cotton.
    I'm double checking with production, but suspect there is a rolling change for the instructions on the packaging instructions.