iDye blues for 60/40 cotton/polyeter?
  • Hello!
    I want to dye a dress which is 60/40 cotton/poly. There is one blue available for polyester and 2 potential blues (royal and brilliant) for natural fabrics. The color I am going for is TARDIS blue (for a costume).

    1. Which iDye natural blue (royal or brilliant) is closest to the iDye poly blue?

    2. If there is a color difference between the natural and poly blue dyes will it show drastically on the fabric? I was considering getting and using all 3 of the blues at the same time doing the boil method but I don't know if that's the way to go either.

    3. The other caveat is that I tried to dye the dress last weekend using the blue iDye Poly. (I know, I should have followed the directions. I got excited to get started!) After washing it, it faded to gas station attendant blue. Should I use another packet of blue iDye Poly when I do the iDye natural fabric blue?

    Thank you for your time!!
  • Hi GirlieBob,

    Thanks for writing in. Had to take a look at Tardis Blue & I notice that many of the boxes have significant differences in depth of shade, one to the other, so I'm going to assume you are shooting for one of the deeper shades.
    I'm going to just go down your list...first regarding which of the two iDyes is closest to the Poly blue: because of the nature of dyes and fibers that isn't as simple an answer as it seems, however, in this particular combo I'm going to say Royal.
    The color difference between the two dyes will not (thanks to our amazing ocular system) be drastically evident on the fabric.
    Depth of shade on one fabric vs. the other is more likely to be evident and would present as a heathered color, which brings us to your last question. So, assuming that you are attempting one of the deeper shades of Tardis I would use another packet of the Poly dye when redying.

    Have fun!

  • Hi Anet. Thank you! This will really help!
  • you are most welcome!