HELP Kelly Green has turned my alpaca fleece Fluorescent Green
  • I chose Kelly Green because it looked like a nice light leaf green however that is not what I got.
    It looks like Kermit the frog has been turned a Fluorescent Green colour!
    Can any one help me correct this colour problem? I am new to using Jacquard immersion dye will I have to pick another colour
    or can I fix what I have already dyed to a leafy looking green?

    Can any one help me fix this problem?

  • Hi Firestar,

    Thanks for writing in.
    The trick with immersion dyeing with Acid Dye and different wools is temperature. Some need more and some need less temperature than others. It is a bit of a trial & error process.
    However, correcting this problem shouldn't be difficult. I would recommend an over dye with about 1/4 strength dilution of the Emerald Green. That should get you to your leafy green.

    Let me know how it works out.
  • Thanks for the tip Annete will have to get some Emerald Green and give it a shot.
    Would just using emerald green on its own give me a leafy green colour if I decided to dye
    a new batch of white Alpaca green?

  • Hi Firestar,

    Sorry for the delayed response!
    That would be where I'd start (based on my own interpretation of 'leafy green') using a less than full strength dilution of the dye.