Help over IDye Olive
  • Hello, I am hoping someone can help me please. I have used Olive on some old vintage cotton white sheets, to eventually sew up and use as curtains in my lounge room. It has turned out much darker than I envisaged, and I am quite devastated. It's more like an army green if you know what I mean. I would almost call it moss.
    As I was originally going to use Chartreuse or Kelly Green on these sheets, my question is, would I change the color or lighten the Olive hue if I re-dyed the fabric? I really prefer not to use the color bleachers if possible.
    Thanks so much, any ideas would be most appreciated.
  • Hi Lilla,

    Thanks for writing in.
    Unfortunately, over dyeing the fabric is only going to darken it. The only way to achieve a lighter hue is to use a color remover. You are right to avoid any sort of bleaching agents. The bleach is hard on fabric, especially vintage fabrics. A safe alternative is the Jacquard Color Remover. This comes in the iDye packaging or in larger sizes. You'll find more information here: