painting a leather drum
  • would Tee Juice Markers be appropriate for painting a design on a leather drum? or does anyone have any other suggestions?
  • Hi Snaphu,

    Thanks for writing in.
    Tee Juice Markers could be used in this application, depending on the color of the leather. As they are fairly transparent the lighter colors will not show up well on darker backgrounds, but if the leather is very light they should work well.
    If your leather is dark you might want to try the Neopaque or Lumiere paints. These are both heavily pigmented and work well on dark backgrounds.

    happy drumming!
  • thanks Annette! so I wouldn't need to "heat set" the painting?
  • No, because you are unlikely to toss your drum head in the wash :). The paints will air cure within 72 hours sufficient to hold up to general use and cleaning with a damp cloth.