Screen ink vs. Versatex on slipcover
  • I have tried 3 times to dye 15 yards of canvas for slipcovers the perfect color. Alas, without a huge tub to do full immersion I am not having the control or desired outcome. I have decided instead to break up the color, or partially cover it, with a busy silkscreened pattern.

    I'm working over a darkish blue (just couldn't get charcoal or black with the dye!) and want to use black ink. I don't really need opaque, just enough color and penetration of the pigment to suggest black.

    I am debating between Screen printing ink and Versatex. I like that the screen ink has longer open time to allow me to cover a large area before needing to wash out the screen, but I'm also looking for something that will be soft enough and not look too thick sitting on the surface, which is why I'm also looking at Versatex (softer hand?). Of course, I also need something tough enough to stand upto being sat on and generally wear well.

    Which might be a better choice for this situation? I'll need a lot of it, which is why I thought I might ask the experts before purchasing.

    As an're offering a few new products that I'd like to try but can't find online. Can I order direct? Thanks!

  • Hi Mandi,

    Thanks for writing in.
    Good points to consider as you move forward with your project. (and love that you are going with the flow, so to speak - additional surface design, woohoo!)
    I thought about this for a while before I answered because I am partial to the Versatex for fiber applications. However, as I ruminated I realized that for me, most applications are on lighter weight fabrics used for garments. The Jacquard Screen Ink is not so thick that you will end up with a rubbery feel and the additional texture will be minimal so I think that the JSI will be your best bet.
    The open time is definitely a factor if you are covering a large area and the additional benefit of air curing that the JSI offers is a big plus - no ironing yards of fabric.
    As to the new products - yes you may call or email in an order for products you aren't able to find elsewhere, 800 442 0455 or (The Color Magnet is the coolest~)
    Hope this all helps.


  • Thank you! You've made the decision for me and now I just need to order!

  • You are most welcome!