Acid Dye in Top Load
  • Can you dye with Green Label Acid Dye in a top load washing machine?
  • Hi again, NormaJ'

    Unless you are after a VERY pale shade of color I wouldn't recommend this method with the Green Label. And just a point of clarification: Jacquard's Green Label dyes are a remazol dye which is a type of fiber reactive dye rather than an Acid Dye.

  • Ok, I don't quite understand the instructions for the green label dye...
  • Green Label Silk Dyes are best used as a direct application dye, for instance as a 'paint' in silk painting. Because the Green Label dyes have been modified they can be set using our Dyeset Concentrate or using the more traditional method of steam setting.
    A quick rundown on the directions for the most traditional method of using the Green Label:
    Stretch the silk so it is suspended off the surface, paint the dye onto the silk, allow to dry completely. Once dry the piece may be fixed using the Dyeset Concentrate.

    Hope this helps!
  • I actually just bought the acid dye instead, but thank you!!!!