Bodysuit Painting Help!!!
  • Hi all,
    I am currently in the process of making a costume I need in about three months and it is that of "Her Imperious Condescension" from Homestuck. Her outfit/ body suit is what I'm having trouble on-- the main black part of this --

    and I would like to know; which Jacquard paint and possible type of fabric would be best for this kind of thing? I am leaning toward a nylon/lycra blend, or a lame' type of fabric, but I don't know what might work as well as the opacity of the paint and how it'll look. I've heard many great things about Jacquard paints and would really like to use em.

    Thank you, all! :)
  • oh, and as another thing-- if I do go with lycra/nylon, will using super-opaque white as a base and then layering the fuschia/fluorescent red on top work?
  • Hi there,

    Awesome costume! However, I'm not sure I am understanding your description so could you clarify please? You will purchase black fabric and paint the stripes on or do you intend to paint the entire body?
    and just in case - if you are simply painting the stripes onto black fabric you are on the right track. Putting down a layer of the super-opaque white and then painting over the top of that with the other paint will give you a better pop. A couple of things about that, though; I wouldn't put a real heavy layer of the s.o. white base as you might impair the fabric's stretch. The other thing you'll want to do, for best results, is apply the second layer of paint over the s.o. white while the white is still slightly tacky. This will allow the two paints to better bond to each other.
    Also, if you do use the lycra/nylon fabric you might want to consider using our Air Fix product - this allows the paint to bond with out the need for heat.

  • Yep, just painting the stripes on. Thank you!!!
  • We'd love to see a picture when you are all done. Post it to our Facebook ( page for the world to see!
  • I will :) Another question-- the bodysuit I've acquired is 90 percent nylon/10 percent spandex; would I be able to paint it flat or would I need it to be "stretched out" (ie on a mannequin or someone wearing it)?

  • I would stretch the fabric. My favorite method is to use cardboard cut to the shape of the garment. Also, masking tape is a wonderful tool for creating straight lines!