best way to get blue jeans white
  • I am not sure i should use bleach as i have had denim fall apart after getting them white. Is there another way that wont break down fibers as much? Or a certain ratio of bleach to water? Thanks
  • Look up Thiox or Thiourea Dioxide. It's much less harmful to the fibers and is an excellent discharging chemical.
  • Bleach is very aggressive and tends to weaken or destroy fibers. You'll want to use a non-bleach color remover. There are several. I'd reccomend the iDye Color Remover ( It is made with a chemical called Sodium Hydrosulfite that is excellent for removing color. It works best at high temperatures. Use it either in a pot on your stovetop or in a washing machine at the highest temp possible. Thiox (thiourea dioxide) is also a good color remover, but it generally requires even hotter temperatures. In general, the hotter you can get these chemicals the better they work... You might also find this doc helpful:'s/About Color Remover, Discharge Paste and Bleach.pdf