Immersion Method with Acid Dyes?
  • Hello, I bought Acid Dye by mistake instead of the Procion MX. Can I use the immesion method with these? I don't have a washing machine and I have a brand new stove that I don't want to mess up. Also, I only want to do a small quanity. Thanks.
  • Acid dyes may certainly be used in an immersion process, but there are some things about acid dyes you should be aware of. Acid dyes are VERY differnent from PMX dyes. PMX dyes are cold water dyes for cellulose based fabrics that require soda ash for fixation. Acid dyes are hot water dyes for protein based fabrics that are used with an acid such as citric or white vinegar. This means 1) you cannot dye cotton with acid dyes 2) you must use it on a stovetop or heat source (acid dyes like to be around 180F) 3) you must use an acid to fix the dye. Other methods would require steaming or microwaving, but if you want to do an immersion, you'll want to follow these guidlines. I hope that is helpful!
  • Thank you, I did not think of the microwave! This sounds like a good option for small quanities. Would you boil the water on the stove and then heat the dye bath again periodically in the microwave? Sounds like it might work.
  • Here is a link to some of Dharma's instructions on dyeing in the microwave:
    The basic idea is this: you soak your fabric in vinnegar and then dye; you then put it in a plastic bag, making sure there are no dry spots (as they could catch on fire!); you then put the bag in the microwave and run several short cycles, checking to be sure that the fabric is wet and the bag isn't going to explode with team inbetween microwaving... Just be careful not to burn yourself or make a mess of your microwave.
    And good luck! Let us know how it works out...
  • I can't wait to give it a try. Thanks!