Lumiere on cotton toy animals
  • I plan to use textile and lumiere metallic paints on stuffed cotton animal toys. I plan to heat set in the dryer. The toys tag says it can be washed by hand in cold water. My concern is a young child's mouth and if the color will come off? I can label, not for use with children under 3 but really don't want to endanger a child if these paints are seriously dangerous. Thanks for your comments
  • You shouldn't have and problems with crocking as long as your paints are dry. ("Crocking" is what it is called when dry paint comes off with rubbing). Just make sure your paint is completely dry before washing, and wash it as well as you can. If you are really concerned, Synthrapol ( will help remove any excess color. Also, for increased permanence and wahability in lew of heat setting, you can use Airfix ( (I would encourage you to use the Airfix anyhow, as a home dryer probably won't be quite hot enough to completely set your paints). All that said, I don't think it will be a problem. And if you do happen to see some crocking, rest assured that Jacquard's paints are not "seriously dangerous" at all, and while they should NEVER be ingested, they will pose no serious health threat.