Dyeing red winterjacket
  • Hi! I have a bright red winterjacket. It`s 100% polyester. I would like to dye it to black or dark green.

    What do you think I should do? Is there any chance to make it turn green if I use green Idye Poly or is it going to be more likely brown? Or is it easier just dye it black? Or a mixture of green and black Idye poly? I`m ok with brown result also so it`s not a disaster but I`m just wondering. I have never before dyed polyester.
  • It will be very difficult to color your red jacket green. For a true green, you would have to remove the red dye and re-dye it green. Removing dye from polyester is very difficult, however. If you try to dye it with a green dye, it will come out brown. This is becasue dyes are always transparent. Unless you want a brown color, I would go with black. You should be able to cover the red with a black poly dye (just be sure to use enough dye, with enough water; and dye on the stovetop at a rolling boil, keeping the jacket moving, for a least a half hour). Any other dye will produce an intermediary color...
  • Ok thanks. I will choose the black color.

    There`s one other thing I started to wonder. The jacket is downjacket. Will the feathers be able to take the boiling?