• Hello Im new here.
    I am using Jacquard green label dye on silk gauze material, (making a nano silk scarf) I will be using the chemical set application. (not the steam) My question is, What are the results of nano felting on a completed dyed scarf? Nano felting requires very hot water to set the roving to the silk gauze. Will this dilute the silk painting I do on the scarf? Any advise would be much needed. Thank you SL
  • If the dye is properly set, your color should not wash out when you start felting. Steaming is always the best way to achieve proper setting, but the Dyeset also works well. You shoudn't have any issues. Just make sure that after you set your colors, you wash out any excess dye. (Excess dye can be mistaken for washout. So do your best to rinse out all the excess color before felting to avoid confusion). Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!
  • Thank you Asher
    will do.