need urgent help! need to dip dye (ombre effect) a dress so i can wear it in 3day!!!
  • i have a shaffon and silk dress that i would like to dip die, black at the bottom blended into blue at the top. i have brought the idye poly blue and idyepoly black....... what do i do from here?? please please help!!!!
  • This project may not be a good idea. It sounds as though you don't have time to learn how to use your dyes before your event.

    By "shaffon", do you mean chiffon? If so, is it silk chiffon, or polyester chiffon, or nylon chiffon? It's extremely important to know your garment's fiber content so that you can choose the right dye. If your dress is made of silk, you should not use polyester dye on it. If it is part silk and part polyester, you should not subject the silk to the amount of boiling that polyester requires, because the silk will be damaged. If it is all silk, the right kind of dye to choose would be acid dye, or possibly fiber reactive dye. If it is all 100% polyester, you will need a very large dyeing pot to boil the polyester dye in as you dip the hem of your dress into the dyebath.

    Maybe you would do better to use dilute fabric paint, such as Dye-Na-Flow, since it works on both natural and synthetic fibers. Take the time to test your materials and technique on scrap material, so you don't ruin your dress.


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  • thanks paula, I've taken your advise and wont be dying the dress, just to be on the safe side.