which paints to use on faux leather ???
  • I paint on faux leather and vinyl handbags with a different kind of paint. But I would like to start using jacquard paints because I like the colors better and more accessible in stores. does anyone know which one of the jacquard products will work best with these materials. and how would on heat set these items since they arent flat surfaces.

    thank you
  • Hi Storres,

    I've had great results using the Neopaque and Lumiere paints on shoes of leather and nubuck and from my results I'd imagine they would do well with your purses. I've also used the Textile Traditionals but I like the more opaque coverage that the other two paints provide.
    I know the paints say they should be heat set, or as an alternative one should use the Airfix product but I have to admit I did neither and I've had no problem with flaking nor any adverse reaction wearing the shoes in the wet weather. I did notice a previous post by Noelle (i think) that indicated that the paints will set up over time on their own.
    btw, do you have a web site, do you sell your purses? i'd love to see them.
  • I will try it


    I dont have a web site I usually paint for friends.