65% Polyester, 35% Cotton trousers -- machine dye?
  • I have Polyester/Cotton trousers, and they are a deep red, I want to dye them black, as there are no black styles of these. If I buy iDye Poly, and iDye natural in black, can I dye my trousers to a decent black in the washing machine? It has a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. Would this be okay for the black dye to properly work?

    Please reply ASAP, as I need to do this very soon!
  • iDye Poly requires hotter water than any other dye. We usually recommend dyeing at a rolling boil, especially for deep blacks. So your best bet will be dyeing in a pot on your stove top with the heat up. iDye for natural fibers also likes to get hot, so you can just mix the two in the same pot, at the same time.
    What percentage of the fabric is polyester? If it is mostly cotton, you might be able to get away with dyeing it in your machine (on the hottest cycle). But if there is a significant amount of polyester in the garment, you probably won't get complete coloring by dyeing in the machine. A blended fabric will be easier to dye on the stove top.
  • It is 65 % Poly, 35% Cotton, but I don't have a pot, though am looking for one. Would 90 C not be hot enough for a good black?

    Thanks for replying, by the way!
  • 90C isn't going to be quite hot enough for a truly deep black on polyester. With iDye Poly, the hotter the better. If the percentage of poly fiber was lower, I'd probably tell you to go for it. But because the majority of the fabric is polyester (65%), to make your trousers look jet black, you'll want to boil the dye at 100C.
  • Do you know if a weelbarrow over a flame would be the same as a pot? I can't get my hands on one, and I want my trousers to look nice and black for my holiday!

  • Also, you say that 90 C won't be okay for a DEEP black, but would any shade of black be achieved here, do you think?

    Thank you for your help, it is highly appreciated.