Need Help with Basic Measurements!
  • We've read the info on this site and others, but still can't figure out how much dye and how much soda ash to use. My son loves bright orange and we want to dye white, 100% cotton (we know threads probably polyester) denim jeans for him. The jeans are 35-34s (not sure how much the fabric weighs.)

    We plan on using a 5-gallon plastic tub and Procion MX Brilliant Orange. But we can't find any info as to how much dye to use given 1 gallon of water (distilled as we have very hard water.) Also, from reading here and other sites, we thinks we need to do a prewash with Synthrapol, then dye for 24 hours, and then wash with soda ash, (and don't need to use urea), but again we don't know how much to use.

    So if anyone can tell us for one pair of jeans: (1) how much Procion MX Brilliant Orange per gallon of water to dye and (2) how much soda ash per gallon of water for rinse -- we'd be forever grateful :~D
  • MX Instructions.pdf
    Go to this link and scroll down to the section called "Immersion Dyeing."
    As you'll see, you won't need more than few tablespoons of dye, and a half pound of soda ash. The process is simple: dissolve the dye powder in warm water (enough to cover your pants), add the fabric, stir and keep the fabric moving(about 15 minutes), add the soda ash, continuing to stir (about 45 minutes), and then rinse and wash. See the link for more detailed instructions...
    Good luck!
  • Thank you so much Asher -- I'm not sure how I missed that link/info. I guess my worries were that I didn't know how much his pants weighed and how jeans take the dye. I realized that although we haven't purchased the pants yet -- we could weigh another pair of jeans (duh). I saw somewhere that we should leave them in the dye for 24 hours for really saturated colors -- you indicate a total of one hour -- so I guess we'll play it by ear.

    Also, do you or anyone know how many tablespoons are in a 2/3 oz Procion MX jar? In cooking, 2 T = 1 ounce, so if we wanted to use 4 T of dye -- do we need 3-4 jars? Thanks