Help with green acid dyes on Nylon/Spandex
  • Help?? I'm trying to dye a figure skating dress a nice kelly green. The bodice of the dress and the and skirt are nylon/spandex mix, but the skirt is more of a glistenette type material. So I died it using .5 oz of the Kelly green acid dye in my top loading washing machine and the bodice came out a CRAZY lime, lime green and the skirt didn't dye at all! Ahhhh! So should I use more of the kelly green dye or should I try to dye it again in the emerald color??
  • Or maybe use the iDye Poly in green?
  • I think there are a couple of things going on here. First, I suspect the depth of shade problem has to do with the temperature of the water available to your washing machine. In order to ensure a deeper tone of color you may need to dye the garment using the stove top method described at the directions page for Acid Dyes. However, there could be a bit of a problem with this method as regards the spandex in the garment as spandex is a bit delicate when it comes to heat. If the percentage of spandex is fairly small the stove top method should be fine, but if it is a greater portion of the fabric it could be a problem.
    The second issue has to do with the the skirt not taking any color at all. Is it possible that the skirt is a polyester fabric?
    If that is the case you will want to use the iDye Poly. Again, you'll want to use the stove top method.
    hope this all helps!
  • Thanks so much! I think I will just try the iDye Poly using the stovetop method. I've read really good things about the iDye poly!