Microwaving Green Label & Red Label dyes?
  • I'd like to try microwaving the Green Label Dyes and/or the Red Label for some tie dye/scrunch techniques I am doing. They stay quite wet after dyeing, so I can toss them on a Ziplock bag or a bowl covered with plastic wrap and microwave. My question is: Do I have to soak the silk in vinegar or baking soda or any chemical before applying the dyes to help them to set while microwaving?
  • Green Label Dyes are designed to be set either by steaming or with Permanent Dye Set Concentrate (http://jacquardproducts.com/permanent-dyeset-concentrate.html). Unlike acid dyes or Procion MX dyes, they do not require the use additional chemicals such as vinegar or soda ash for setting. The idea behind microwaving your wet fabric, I can only assume, is to set the colors quickly. I myself have never tried this. My sense is that it could work, insofar as you are able to create a steam-rich environment in your microwave. As with traditional steaming, I think it will be very important for your fabric not to be touching itself (unless it is all one color), to avoid back staining or blotching. You will probably want to roll it up. Again, I have never tried this... I do not think the use of chemicals will help. And I am not sure how effective microwave steam setting really is. I will give it a try a let you know how it works. But if you beat me to it, please share your results!
  • I was checking myself to see if anyone has used microwave for the green label...What I did was use a steamer iron first and then put into a glass dish loosely, spray misted it to get it damp, placed a paper towel over the top and put it in for 4.30 (minutes/sec) I haven't yet put them in the textile relaxer yet, so that will let me know if it's set....using the microwave is more cost effective than having the stove top on for hours...takes a lot of energy
  • Are you discussing silk dyes?