painting on lycra
  • I am wanting to dye lycra. I want it to be a blending of colors. I have tried the dye n flow but when I wash the fabric it is not very bright. At this point I paint the color on and then spray it with water. I also use the fixer. Am I missing anything. I purchased some acid dye. I want to try that but have not been able to. Is it better to use the dye n flow or acid dyes. I tried the rit dye but that washed out. Thanks
  • Lycra is IMPOSSIBLE TO DYE without going into a prolab..Dont bother with the acid dyes, it ruins the fabric during the boiling heat setting, and washes out like dyenaflow if you dont us hot water..the "idye poly" for polyester is the only thing available without going into the chemistry lab for professional dyeing of lycra..if you leave it to sit for long enough (3 hours i find) it can dye in warm/cooled water. Im curious as to any results you come up with or products you find
  • I did find that I could do it with dye n flow. I just paint on the fabric and spray water. I let it dry for 4 or 5 days and then can only hand wash it. I thought it turned out great. I am addicted now to doing this. They dry differently everytime. I am going to try and put a picture. I don't know if it will work but here goes. ok I could not post the picture.

  • Awesome! I'm glad you were able to find a way to get what you were after. We would love to see a picture - maybe you can post at our face book page?