Safe for baby clothes?
  • I am interested in buying the DyeNaFlow paints for painting organic cotton baby clothes - are these paints considered non-toxic or natural? I assume "waterbased" is the closest I will get to a natural paint? And when painting something on a cotton t-shirt, for example, is it best to use a wet on wet technique or should the product be slightly diluted and applied right on to the dry cotton? Please advise, thanks!
  • Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response. Dye-Na-Flow is totally baby safe. Most all of our products are certified non-toxic. Just be sure that after the paint is totally dry, to heat set and wash before wearing. You can apply the paint directly to the fabric. Use a wet on wet technique to achieve more even blending of colors and more dilute, pale colors. You can also water down the paint with up to 20% water for more pale colors and increased flowablility. I hope this helps!