dying mixed fiber yarn
  • I have some yarn I want to overdye. It is a mixture of wool, Mohair, silk and rayon (Fiesta La Boheme in a colorway I don't like). Will indigo work? I understand I have to make it acid for the protein fibers -- will the cellulose ones still take the color? The yarn is mixed medium tone colors of yellow, green, and pink and I'd love to get it to be less contrastly dark blue with I presume some purple and green.

  • Hi there,

    The Indigo is a great choice for this fiber combination. It will dye all the the fibers in the mix. The resulting colors will be what you could expect when combining blue with any of the base colors. Yellow + blue = green, etc.
    Each of the fibers will take up the dye somewhat differently so results on the silk portion will be darker than that on the wool portion (for instance). All in all, though, I think you will end up with some beautiful results!

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I have your indigo tie-dye kit and look forward to trying it on this and some other fabrics.