Removing dye/colour from suede and nubuck on shoes
  • Hi, I have looked at the discharge paste and the colour remover and am very interested in whether this will work on nubuck or suede on shoes. I am keen to remove coloured areas with a more controllable medium than chlorine. I notice the discharge paste needs steam ironing which would not be possible on shoes (for obvious reasons), so is there a work around for this or would the colour remover work? Many thanks for any advice...
  • Both the Discharge Paste and Color Remover require steam to activate the discharge process. The other issue is the medium used to color the suede or nubuck. These two products work only with dyes so if the coloring is achieved with pigments the color will not discharge.

  • Thanks Anet,
    I guess some kind of bleaching can be the only way then as I'm fairly sure it would be pigment.