98% cotton, 2% elastane
  • I've bought some idye and idye poly (black) to dye 2 garments of the above composition. Is this likely to be effective, will I need to use both, and can I use the washing machine technique instead of stove top? Both garments are already black, but they have been very "loved" and are extremely faded. Help!
  • I refuse to believe you are 'notcreative'!

    To your question: with the small amount of elastane you really don't need to use the iDye Poly.
    You can use the washing machine - I'd recommend the hottest water possible at the longest 'wash' cycle possible. If you have a machine that allows for extension of the 'wash' cycle it is a good idea to do so. And if you happen to have a top loader, adding a pot or two of water heated on your stove top is a good idea as well. Check out our recommendations for follow-up when using your washing machine here.
    Having said all that, you will get the darkest results if you use the stove top method.

    happy dyeing!