iDye Color remover on dryed fabric?
  • Hello everyone,

    Recently I made a big mistake after I dyed some lace of mine brown with iDye: I forgot to clean up around my washer after some of the dye powder fell on the floor. Long story made short, I accidentally dropped some of my Irish linen napkins on the floor taking them on the wash, and they got the dye stuff on them. I didn't really notice the dye until I took them out of the dryer, and now my cream napkins have blue, yellow, and pink spots all over them!
    Will the iDye color remover take my linens back to the color they were supposed to be? These napkins belonged to my husband's great-grandmother, so I'm quite worried about them.
  • The iDye Color Remover will most likely take the dyes out. Some dyes are resistant to discharge, though I am confident you will be sucessful with the Color Remover. However, it may also take the creamy color out of the linen. If the napkins were dyed to the cream color the color remover will affect that color, if the cream is the natural color of the napkins they should be fine.

  • Anet,
    Thank you for your prompt reply. I believe that the cream color of my napkins is the natural color of the fiber, but in the case that the iDye Remover turns them white, I'd be just as happy to dye them to match the other colors in my dining room.
  • In that case, I say - remove away!