acetate-rayon blend
  • Hi, I want to get a strong, bold blue or green color on a 55 acetate 45 rayon blend beige fabric. Which dye or dyes are best for this, and which chemicals do I add? I assume I will be doing this stovetop.

  • Hi there,

    You can use Basic Dyes for acetate, Procion MX for the rayon portion of your fabric. Stove top dyeing is definitely the way to go with this.
    Having said that, dyeing acetate is not an easy undertaking. I've suggested the Basic Dyes, but do have to add that per our test strips Spun Diacetate dyes fairly well, but Filament Triacetate only takes a hint of color.
    If it is reasonable at all to consider painting the fabric you might want to consider Dye-Na-Flow, our very flow-able, thin fabric paint.

    Hope this helps.
  • Wouldn't iDye Poly would be a better choice than basic dye for acetate? Acetate is what disperse dyes were developed for in the first place, because of unsatisfactory results with other dyes.

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