Dyed ok then washed out on 1st wash
  • I recently dyed some faded black items black using iDye for natural fibres. I used the washing machine method according to the instructions. I added one cup of salt for each packet of dye. Most of the the items were 100% cotton but a couple were rayon. The items looked great after they had dried, but the first time I washed them the dye washed out leaving them all faded again. I would be most gratefull for any ideas on what went wrong.

    After looking around these forums I see people advising to use 3 or 4 times the recommended amount of dye to get black. If this is the case why don't the instructions say that?
  • Hi there,

    One thing that may have contributed to the wash out is the temperature of the dye bath - if your hot water heater is set to a medium heat perhaps the water in the dye bath wasn't sufficiently hot. An other factor may be the temperature of the first wash - did you use hot or cool water? (Cool is best.) Another thing that would be helpful would be using the iDye Fixative as a post treatment.
    To your point about the amount of dye needed to achieve a dark black - thank you, we will most definitely take that suggestion to our graphics department as a suggested revision for the packaging.
    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to let us know and you are more than welcome to call us at 800 442 0455.
  • Thank you for your reply. However I am confused to hear you say that cool is best as the instructions say "Fill the machine with enough very hot water for the fabric to move freely" consequently I filled the machine with the hottest water I could, which is about 60 degrees celcius. Why do the instructions say this if cool is best? I am using iDye for natural fabrics.

    I will look for the fixitave you mentioned but I dont recall seeing any such thing when I purchased the dye.
  • Hi,

    Sorry! I wasn't real clear, I see. When I referred to cool water I was talking about the post-dye washing. You do dye in the hottest water possible for best results, but subsequent washings should be in cool water.