Correcting uneven results
  • I attempted to dye a cream colored couch slipcover to Ecru using the front loading machine instructions for idye. I washed the cushion covers first, and while they turned out darker then I expected, they looked ok. When I began the same process for the cover itself - the washing machine drained the dye prior to washing - resulting in a much lighter and splotchy result.

    I bought the Idye color remover and tried it on the cushion covers and while it removed some of the dye - it still is darker than the sofa cover.

    Is there a stronger color remover that would work better? If not and
    I use the idye color remover on the sofa cover and then try to dye it all again (maybe in a tub this time or using a stronger dye) - will the cushion covers remain darker than the sofa cover?
  • Did you use the stove top method for the color removing portion of your project? If not, that may be why it did not lighten the cover as much as would be expected. You might want to try the color remover again - it would lighten it a bit more.
    As for whether the cushion covers will be darker than the sofa cover after removing the color and redyeing the sofa cover - that will depend on the amount of dye used with the sofa cover.
    The depth of shade is very dependent on the amount of dye used in ratio to the weight of the fabric. In a controlled situation if you were to use one packet of dye for 3 pounds of fabric vs one packet of dye for 6 pounds of fabric you could expect the depth of shade on the 6 pounds to be half that of the 3 pound batch.
    Hope this helps - and we are happy to trouble shoot this on the phone if you'd like to call customer service at 800 442 0455.
  • Because I did not have a pot large enough, I boiled water on the stove and soaked it in the sink adding more boiling water every few minutes.

    Is there another color remover or technique that is stronger?

    Thanks again.
  • There isn't a color remover that would be stronger than the iDye Color Remover - I checked with our chemist and he tells me that pretty much any color remover on the market is going to be essentially the same strength as the iDye Remover.
    Your method of boiling water and working in the sink is probably the best way to go given the size of the fabric you are working with although the stove top method is going to give you the best results as the color remover works much better if you are able to achieve and maintain higher heat.

  • The package of iDye I used originally must have been old because when I bought more product and tried it again all of the dye was removed from the slipcover. Back to the original cream color. I couldn't believe how well it worked.