Cotton/Poly Blend
  • Hi!

    I bought a white cotton/poly, 60%/40% blend duvet cover in hopes of dying it the gorgeous yellow color I keep looking for & am unable to find.

    I have two packets of idye. One in Golden Yellow & the other is the idye poly yellow. To dye this beast, is the only way to do it would it be on the stove with a pot? Its a fairly large item & I worry I won't be able to find a pot large enough.

    Could I put it through the washing machine with two packets of Golden Yellow [or whatever just cotton color I choose?] Run it twice? What would happen if I did that?

    I am really new at this & was hoping to make it as simple as possible.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

  • The polyester will not dye in the washing machine, because it needs to be close to boiling temperature in order to pick up any color at all.

    On the other hand, if you dye a 60% cotton comforter in the washing machine with 5% of its weight in Procion MX dye, following a good recipe with salt and soda ash, you will get a pretty decent color, just by coloring the 60% of the fiber that is cotton. Your results will be paler than you'd get from dyeing a 100% cotton comforter, but so much less trouble and expense than finding a large enough cooking pot. Personally, I like Procion MX dye much better for this than iDye, though iDye will work, too.

    Weigh the comforter while it is dry, then divide that number of twenty, and that's a good guide for how much dye powder you will need to use. For example, a five-pound comforter will need about four ounces of Procion MX dye powder; alternatively, use two to three packets of iDye (not iDye Poly).

    Be sure to wash the comforter thoroughly in hot water before you try to dye it.

  • Thank you so much Paula for your help!!

    I will try this method & hope it takes. I'm relieved I don't have to bother getting a giant pot & hoping it works out well.