Lumiere on rubber soles?
  • would said Paint work on the rubber soles of Shoes? if not what wouyld you recommend they gotta be a Mettalic Silver style color
  • Lumiere should be okay, but longevity may be an issue given what the shoes are exposed to. Are you thinking about painting the bottom of a shoe-the part that hits the ground? Or are you looking to paint the sides of a rubber heel?

    The bottom of a shoe is in constant contact with rough surfaces that would wear down the paint probably fairly quickly. The sides of a shoe are often scuffed and nicked which would cause the paint to wear down, but probably much more slowly.

  • it will be the bottom sides of the sole along with heel not the part that is actully touching the ground
  • Since it is the sides of the sole and the heel, it would fair better than the bottom of the shoes. However, since those areas to still get scuffed and nicked, over time the paint may get damaged.