Help with dyeing polyester/nylon dress red
  • I am creating a Halloween costume - Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice. I had an ivory dress with an outer 100% nylon lace shell and an inner 100% polyester lining. I just used iDye Poly Red to dye the dress. Te lace has turned a burgandy and the lining a light red. My goal is a bright red as in the movie. Is there anyway to remove some of the dye from the dress and then try a different process (i.e. spray paint, fabric paint)? I may try this anyway once the dress has dried, but thought it may be difficult to turn a burgandy red to bright red.
  • Every type of fiber dyes differently, which is why the results on the two fabrics were very different. You can try either iDye Color Remover or bleach to remove the color. What you may want to try instead of redyeing it, is to paint it using Dye-Na-Flow which is a flowable and transparent fabric paint that can be sponged on, brush-on or airbrushed on. You'll need to work quickly as you can end up with lines where wet paint has been applied next to dry paint. The paint is then heat set with a dry iron.Jenny