Birthday Party
  • Hi there

    My daughter is having a "groovy" 8th birthday party and wants to Tye Dye. I am clueless.

    I've read through the forums and some tutorials on line and plan on buying your product.

    My biggest concern is how to do it during a 3-4 hour party? It seems like there are some long stretches between the various prep stages and then the "all done" stage. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this work for a group of 6 girls who will be with me for 3-4 hours and without making it a lot of work for their parents?

  • For a party that is only 3-4 hours, then as much as possible will have to be done before the children arrive. The shirts should be prewashed and then presoaked in the soda ash solution and the dyes should be dissolved in water. Once the children get to the tie dyeing part of the party, then they can put on their rubber gloves and smocks and bind the shirts and then put the dye on. Then the shirts can go into zip lock bags with their name on it. The children can take them home along with post-party instructions for rinsing and washing.Jenny
  • Can you let them dry thoroughly after the ash soak?
  • Some people dry their soda soaked shirts and then apply the dye to them-this generally causes the dyes to bleed into each other less. Our directions tell you to keep the soda soaked shirts damp-this allows for the dyes to spread more and the colors to blend into each other. Where two colors-say red and yellow-come together, you'll end up with orange.