Heat Setting with Iron
  • Should dyes (including Dyne-A-Flow and Lumiere) on cotton be set by ironing with a steam setting or dry setting?

    Thank you.

    Susan M.
  • All of our fabric paint lines, including Dye-Na-Flow, Lumiere & Neopaque, Textile Colors, Versatex Printing Ink, Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink, Jacquard Airbrush Colors and Tee Juice Fabric Art Markers should be heat set with a dry iron, at the setting appropriate for the fabric type.Jenny
  • Thank you Jenny for your quick response. That makes it easy to remember-- a dry iron for all your products I use.

  • Would ironing the dyed cotton a second time, several days later, improve the setting of the design? I need to iron the edges of the fabric again and wonder if it would be a good idea to iron over the design again as well.

    Thank you,
  • Its not necessary to heat set it a second time as long as you've heat set at a hot enough temperature for a long enough time. However, it is fine to do so in order be extra sure. If you do your wash test and it has any washout after doing it twice, then there is something else that isn't right in the process.

  • I'm going to iron it again, but not wash it yet.

    Your advice and knowledge are appreciated.

  • Just to confirm what you recommend:

    I use the cotton setting for the 100% cotton sheet. One person wrote 3 minutes on a T-shirt, but how long do you recommend for the heat set on a sheet? I use a soft padding underneath and absorbent paper between the iron and the fabric.

    Your replies are greatly appreciated.

    Once again, thanks,

    Susan M.
  • Since you've already heatset it once--if it were me--I'd only do a 30 second heat set per area. However if it were me, I don't know that I would have the patience to heatset an entire sheet a second time. If you are planning on working on large scale surfaces often, you may want to consider using either Jacquard Airfix or Versatex Fixer. It can be used instead of, or in addition to, heat setting.

  • I only heat set it until the fabric was very hot without scorching it. ... probably less than 30 seconds. Is that enough?

    I'd also prefer not to iron it a second time if not needed. I'll definitely look into the products you mentioned for next time.
    Thanks again..

    Susan M.
  • Susan,

    As Jenny has stated, thirty seconds is the time recommended. It does sound as if, based on your statement that you 'heat set it until the fabric was very hot without scorching it' that you probably have set it sufficiently. At this point I'd say it is very much up to you to decide if you wish to heat set it again or simply go forward.
    If it were me, and I had any misgivings, I would go to the effort of heat setting once more.

  • Thanks Anet .... I'll do that... Thank you Jenny also.

    By the way, I'm excited about this large piece. Thanks so much for your help, as well as reassurance and knowledge.

    Susan M.
  • You are most welcome! And if you are inclined to share a photo we'd love to see one at our Face Book page - http://www.facebook.com/JacquardProducts

  • I am new to using fabric paint, and am ready to iron. Someone mentioned using paper between the iron and the fabric, and maybe under the fabric, as well? Since I do not know what happens to the paint as it heats, I'd like advice on preferred mediums for this part of the process - paper? towel? Thank you!
  • Hi Erin,

    You can simply turn the fabric so the painted side is down. It is not necessary to put anything between the paint and ironing board as the paint (if completely dry) will not soften or 'melt' when setting.
    I use an old tea towel between the fabric and iron and iron painted side up. That makes it easier for me to make sure I've ironed all the painted areas.

    hope this helps
  • Thanks, Annette. That worked out perfectly. Is there ever an issue with the paint cracking? Is there any product I should use to finish the surface?
  • Hello Annette & board members,
    Read through posts and online for heat setting recommendations yet although following instructions some of the ink came off during the wash.
    I ironed the designs face up for several minutes underneath a bi-folded kitchen cloth with highest iron heat setting - yet some came off in the wash (30C Cotton). I notice black ink and colors containing black (such as grey or deep purple) came off, creating empty patches, or, in the case of all-black design, outer areas of the design have completely come off, making the item unusable, too damaged. The garments had also air-dried for a week, which I read was really good to set the designs. I really really ironed them for a long time as I didn't want them to come off.
    Using Opaque fabric binder (Colourcraft) & Acrylic inks (System 3)
    What are your thoughts? It seems strange that the black ink would be 'bad', that'd be most inconvenient because I want to print in black too and there is lots of it.
    Many thanks in advance,
    Best wishes