oil stain
  • Hi i dyed a white cotton t'shirt navy blue and i think there was a oil stain on the front, now the stain is dark, i have washed it and there is still a stain would you have any idea how to fix this ? think u
  • Substances on fabrics, such as oil, can either repell dye or attract it. In this particular case, the oil is attracting the dye causing a very dark spot. Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do is to try to remove the color with iDye Color Remover and then remove the oil. If you can't get rid of the oil, then it will attract the dye again when you go to redye it.

  • thanks again
  • Once you've removed the color, you can remove the stain with "Goof Off" or mineral spirits. Goof Off is great for removing grease stains from just about any fabric. Wash the fabric before redying.