Outdoor display of hand-painted cotton
  • Outdoor display of silk/cotton paintings
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    I'm planning to display a large sheet outdoors, painted with Jacquard Dye-na-Flow using water-based clear gutta for the resist. Although I plan to heat set the finished design with an iron (not wash it), are there any techniques advisable for preventing the gutta from "melting" and the colors from fading?

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  • Jacquard Waterbased Resist in clear is meant to wash out in warm water. Therefore, it would be best to wash the resist out after the Dye-Na-Flow has been heat set. Dye-Na-Flow is a fabric paint, not a dye, and fabric paints have better lightfastness than dyes do. However, our paints are not outdoor paints, how they will fair with heavy exposure to UV and the elements has not been determined.

    An application of a UV protectant may increase the piece's longevity.