Too much white
  • I've read where some think that tie dye with too many white areas is considered less desirable. I kind of like white in mine but did have one piece yesterday that had a lot more white than I had expected. (I was running out of dye when I got to this piece.) Anyway, I was wondering how the pros deal with this. I was thinking about attempting a re-dye, or painting with the dye..... or maybe even vat dying the whole piece in a pastel color.

    Suggestions anyone?
  • Tie dye is very personal-what one person loves the next one doesn't. If you feel that your tie dye has too much white, then you do any of the options you mentioned below. You will just want to take into account that dyes are transparent and that your tie pattern won't be exactly the same as it was the first time.

  • Hi Jenny:

    Yes, I'm leaning toward the painting idea. It's not bad as it is but I think it would look a bit better with more color.

    Thanks for the help!