New Inkjet Printing Setups
  • I am new in textile printing. A lot of experience in inkjet solutions but jusy starting on textiles and all the threads I've read are older than my printer. I would like a complete recommendation on fine art printing into silk fabrics. I can ICC profile in i1, but don't understand what inksets can be used with what printers. I am starting to test on crepe de chine 17 in roll on an Epson 7880 K3 Ultrachrome pigment printer, but I am interested in using acid inks for permanency amd don't know if you can use them in Epson printers to 64in wide, also RIP solutions available. Most everything I've seen is in Dye sub, dispersion systems, and only Mimaki on acid inks. I would really appreciate if someone responded to my needs. I am interested in high quality, color saturated printing, detailed and high resolution. Thank you
  • You can contact Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems at 707-473-9080 or [email=""][/email]. They are our sister company and can answer any questions about the wide format digital printing products that they offer.

  • Jenny:
    Thank you for your response. I wrote Jacquard over two weeks ago, same mail. No response. I guess I'll have to try thr contact number you gave me. I keep seeing mixed stuff and no high end. No RIPS, except for dye sub inks, and the Jacquard page has none either. Checked on the Topaz. and Wastatch, also for dye sub. I have no idea if I can use a regular Rip that can control the channels, like StudioPrint, althought it's not for textiles, and whether i can use acid inks with Epson printers. Will try to contact them Monday. Thank you.
  • Check out Kathy Anne White's Websites. She prints on fabric all the time and her info is very up to date. She has more than one website, you want Join for the year and you pay nothing to download all kinds of lessons and all of her pictures. Her knowledge of printing on fabric is all up to date. It's a very cheap yearly fee to pay for up to date info on inkjet printing and printing on other substrates with your printer. She has links to other websites also. There is also a book out called Digtal Alchemy, Printmaking techniques for fine art, photography, and mixed media by Bonny Pierce Lhotka. The book can be a little overly technical (at least for me), but it is a very, very thorough book about turning your standard inkjet printer into a fine art tool. The book contains a DVD tutorial which is very informative.