Color losing brightness after wash
  • Im having trouble with some of the darker procion mx dyes like Jet Black, Choc Brown, Cobalt Blue, etc. losing their color after I rinse and wash them. For example, the Jet Black came out as a Grey... Any ideas on what I might be doin wrong?

    Thank ya!!
  • For darker dye colors, you'll need higher concentrations of dye and/or higher water temperatures. If you want to post your process including all the details (dye method, dye concentration, substrate, amount of soda ash, etc), I'd be happy to troubleshoot further.

  • It is always a good rule to double the amount of mfg suggested dye per 80z of water. Especially with dark colors, and more so with black.

    Black, I have found, is the hardest to get 'true color'. Sometimes, I find using 4x the suggested amount of black to avoid a 'charcoal grey' result.

    Regarding the use of hot water, if your water heater is not heating over 140', (and probably not since that is TOO HOT for home/personal use), you may find boiling water and then placing it in washer could help.

    A bit of a hassle I know. Or, depending on your 'studio' or workspace, fill a tub/basin with stove-top boiling water and let fabric sit for 15minutes, then wash in washer...another hassle, but darks are hard to work with with. You need to work with it. :)