Jacquard iDye Poly
  • Hi All :)

    Out of the 8 Jacquard iDye Poly colours:
    Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow

    How can I produce:

    1. Turquoise (sort of like "Teal" or "Cyan" in the CMYK colour model)
    2. Fuchsia (sort of like "Magenta" in the CMYK colour model)?

    Does Jacquard have a "Recipe" Chart for using the basic primary colours; red, blue, yellow and black (though, black is not a primary colour); to create specific colours? The dye is expensive, and, rather than dabbling in costly experiments, could someone out there with experience point me in the right direction?

    Cheers All,

  • Unfortunately, there is no CMYK for the iDye Poly line and we don't have a color mixing chart for the iDye Poly colors.

  • Thank you Jenny for the response. Alas, I'll have to do more research and/or experimentation.