any local stores sell jacquard procion mx?
  • I have not gone and looked through all of the questions on here so I am just going to post this question-- sorry for the repeated question if this is one-- but are there any local stores (craft stores or something like it) or anywhere that I can purchase Jacquard Procion MX dye? I CANNOT purchase it online because I need it this week. I promised these kids I babysit that we would tie-dye shirts this week and I hear that Procion is the best dye out there. Please help! Thanks!
  • You can visit our store locator on our website. It is not a complete list as we sell to many distributors that, in turn, resell to the stores. So, pulling out your local yellow pages would be helpful too. Our tie dye kits can be found at several of the chain stores, toy stores and many art and craft retailers.

  • Jenny-Thank you for your quick response. I did look at the store locator and since I live in Cleveland, Ohio (sorry I forgot to mention that before), and there are none near here. So what are you saying I should do in the yellow pages? I've checked the toy store and places like target. I have yet to check at Michaels arts and crafts store. Do you recommend that I see if they have anything? I am trying to get a bunch of different colors, so therefore a tie dye kit may only have a few colors I am guessing? I was hoping I'd be able to find the dyes in single packets or anything I can purchase separately so I can choose colors. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it
  • The yellow pages were suggested as a means to find other arts/crafts retailers in your area that you might call since some of them might be ordering through our distributors.

    Michael's Arts & Crafts does carry a small selection of our products-including our Funky Groovy and Large Tie Dye kits. Availability at the individual stores can vary. The colors in both of those kits are Lemon Yellow, Magenta and Turquoise. Together they make beautiful secondary colors (orange, purple, green).

    Also, I did a search for Cleveland and came up with two retailers which may have the kits and/or the individual bottles of Procion MX dyes. I would recommend giving them a call. If you retry the store locator and don't get them in your results, email us at [email=""][/email] and we'll get you the contact information.

  • Okay thank you so much for your help! One last thing – if I were to purchase the Funky Groovy or Large Tie Dye kit… do you know how much I would be able to tie-dye? Like for instance, would I be able to tie-dye 3 children’s shirts and one adult shirt with the kit? Or would I need to buy more than one kit? And then if I am able to find the individual bottles – how many bottles do you think I would need to tie-dye the 4 shirts? Thanks so much! You have been a great help!
  • The Funky Groovy dyes up to 5 regular sized shirts. If you are watching the kids carefully, so that they don't use too much dye or spill it, then you should be able to do the 4 shirts. The Procion MX dyes, sold individually, come in 2/3oz jars. So, buying a few or several colors will be more than you need.

  • Okay, thank you!! I really appreciate all of your help & quick responses!